Nasal Relief Procedures

If you are having trouble with your nasal passages or your sinuses you can get relief. There are several procedures, from surgeries to therapies, which can help relieve the discomfort that you are feeling. Each case is unique and will require a different path of treatment, which is why you should visit Valley ENT if you are symptomatic so that one of our experienced physicians can evaluate your condition and make a personal recommendation on which course of action will work for you.

The Cause:

Hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates is a frequent cause of chronic nasal obstruction. In the last several years, two new techniques have become available for reducing the tumor volume: radiofrequency volumetric tissue reduction (RFVTR) and coblation. As more data become available, clinical researchers are finding that the techniques work well, are safe, and have fewer short-term side effects than traditional surgical submucosal resection.

The Techniques:

With RFVTR, also called Somnoplasty, the physician inserts the probe into the head of the turbinate so that the active tip is completely submucosal. The treatment time and amount of energy delivered can be selected by the physician, with the maximal tissue temperature reaching 60° to 90°C. The energy creates a lesion in the meaty part of the turbinate and causes coagulation of the tissue, shrinking it from the inside over the course of the next few weeks.

Coblation is similar but the probe is slightly larger and the way the energy is delivered is somewhat different. The probe is inserted and vaporizes tissue within 0.5 mm of the probe surface with radiofrequency current. The energy from the probe also heats immediately adjacent tissue to 40° to 70°C..

Balloon Sinuplasty is not for everybody, in some cases it will be recommended that the patient undergo another form of sinus surgery or try a medical or natural therapy. There are plenty of forms of decongestant that may be recommended by your ENT doctor if they feel your case of sinusitis is mild and only requires a temporary treatment. Another procedure that may be recommended to help with nasal relief is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a treatment that can be done with allergy shots or allergy drops if your symptoms are caused by allergies.

There are plenty of procedures that can be done locally to help relieve clogged sinuses, but the only way to know for sure which one is appropriate is to visit an ENT so that they can examine you in person.