Whats the big deal?

Of the many kinds of sinus surgeries, Balloon Sinuplasty has several benefits that are exclusive to the unique treatment. If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis and are considering Balloon Sinuplasty you should be aware of why people are buzzing about this procedure.


  • Recovery Time – Although each patient experiences a different recovery time, the majority of patients are able to resume their normal activities after 24 hours.
  • Minimal Invasiveness – The devices used to carefully open the blocked sinuses are small enough to enter the body through the nostrils.
  • In-Office Procedure – The procedure can be done entirely in your local ENT’s office under local anesthesia, making it ideal for patients who are unable to go under general anesthesia or prefer the familiarity of their doctor’s office.
  • Financial Savings – There is the potential to save money on the procedure if it is not done in a hospital, which have additional costs associated with them.
  • No Cutting – This kind of surgery does not require any bone or tissue to be removed and does not require any cuts to be made, resulting in less bleeding and bruising.
  • Get Back to Work – Because of the speedy recovery time experienced by most patients there is no reason to worry about needing to take an extended amount of time off from your job.